Collect time punches from access control systems to produce Payroll Hours. Apply consistent workrules for rounding, overtime calculation to employees hours. Record time-off hours, such as vacation and sick time.

Interface with most Payroll systems. This includes importing employee master records and exporting time cards.

05/05/2017Dawn Ives
Looking into adding time and attendance to our DSX access control system, can you give ma an idea of potential cost? Could we also set up a time to discuss/demo as I am having difficulty accessing your on-line demo.
23/06/2016Mallesh Kumar
I am Mallesh here from Digitech communications, India. We are looking for time attendance software for DSX Access control system.Kindly offer send us your commercial proposal.

Mobie: +919886701129
24/08/2015Leonard Gonzalez
we are looking to install a time and attendance mod to our DSX access control system. would like to discuss our needs so that we can request a proposal.
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